The Coalition for the Life Sciences (CLS) calls on Congress to reject President Trump’s FY18 budget proposal released today. The budget request proposes draconian and careless cuts that will devastate the scientific enterprise by slashing...

The Coalition for the Life Sciences (CLS) would like to thank Congress for its commitment to the federally funded life science enterprise.

National Institutes of Health

The CLS is pleased to see that Congress supported a $2...

30-Minute Advocate

In Just 30 Minutes You Can...

  • Call into local talk radio shows
  • Write a letter to the editor for your local newspaper
  • Talk about advocacy at your department meeting, lab meeting, and/or post doc association
  • Email your member of Congress in your local District

If you have a bit more time to advocate, you can call or write into your local media outlet or even send an email or fax to your Representative's local district office about your work and the importance of scientific research funding. CLS has tools for you to: